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Making moments you'll never forget starts with your
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Relax knowing where everyone will be on your wedding day
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Enjoy your wedding knowing that your team has you covered
Create Your Day

Create Moments
Build your day, from getting ready, through to ceremony and reception, by adding each moment in your timeline.

Add Notes
Need to add more detail? Make a note to keep everyone in the loop.

To The Minute
If you like to have every minute of your day planned to perfection, you can! All moments are adjustable by minute and hour so you can have everything organised your way.

Create My Timeline
The Finer details

Add Vendors
Keeping track of florists, cake bakers and make up artists? Add where each vendor will be so you don't have to stress while you're busy enjoying your wedding day!

Add Locations
Need to tell your photographer where the bridal parties are getting ready? Are your ceremony and reception in two different places? Add the details of where everyone will be to your Day Of Timeline so you can easily keep track.

Create My Timeline
It's All About You

Busy getting married? Assign tasks to family or the bridal party. Who is going to let the florist in to decorate? Add it to the Day Of Timeline.

Share The Love
Everyone in your wedding party needs to know where to be, so rather than telling them 50 times, just share your Day of Timeline! Why not share it to your parents too so they can help keep the day on track.

Create My Timeline

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We've put together a quick guide on how to make the most of your Day Of Timeline.

Look through our Ideas & Advice articles on planning and start adding moments to create your dream day.

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