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Enjoy each part of your planning by focusing on one month at a time
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Your wedding day is all about you, so your checklist should be too
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Add your own detail to personalise each task

Stay organised

12 Month Planner

With tasks broken down into each month, it is easy to focus on what's up next. Relax knowing you don't need to worry about the rest until next month.

Up Next

Quickly view your Up Next tasks in your dashboard to get a snapshot of what you are planning right now without needing to face the entire checklist.

Progress Tracker

Keep an eye on your progress. See how many tasks you have completed and how many are left so you can give your partner a nudge at the right time.

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Make it yours

Add Notes

Received some great advice from your Aunt but not ready to buy table decorations? Just write a Note on your task for when the time is right.

Add Items

Your wedding is a special and personal event. Add your own items to personalise your planning, and remember to book the juggler.

Delete Items

If you're doing something a little different, go for it! You can delete any item from the checklist if it doesn't fit your style.

Enjoy planning


You said yes, so we made your checklist. Your checklist comes pre-filled with the tasks that will turn your dream day into a reality. Remember you can always delete what you don't need and add anything special to you.

Easy To Use

We know planning a wedding can be stressful. Our tools are designed by people who have planned weddings (and been in them too). We keep them easy to use so you can focus on getting to the altar.

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Need more Planning Advice?

Our Ideas & Advice article on how to plan your dream wedding will show you the best way to get started and stay on track with all your planning.

Begin using your online wedding checklist and look through our Ideas & Advice section so that you can create your dream day.

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