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What's The Cost?

You've saved all your favourite wedding ideas to your inspiration board; now it's time to get serious. Add your estimate costs to set up your budget. Now you can see how much you'll need to save for your dream day.

Add Your Own

We've added some ideas, but this is your dream day so you need the freedom to make it your own. Add, edit and remove any expenses to personalise your wedding budget to your needs.

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Budgeting bliss


All of your items are grouped into categories to keep it simple. Easily find individual wedding expenses by locating them in their category. As you start filling in your estimated costs, let your budget do the maths. You'll instantly see how much money you've set aside for each category.

Budget Tracker

Got no money left in the budget for your wedding cake? Your budget tracker will show you which categories are spending all of your wedding budget. Maybe it's time to rethink that diamond tiara...

Make it official

It's Getting Real

Keep one list in one place to see how much you are spending on your wedding. Found your favourite florist? As you book in each vendor, add the actual cost to your budget.

Spending Tracker

See how much you are really spending versus what you had originally planned. Paying for your wedding doesn't happen all at once. Keep an eye on your spending tracker throughout the planning process to help you stick to your budget.

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