Harry & Rachel's Rustic Vineyard Wedding







Photos by:
Diana V Photography

"We were out for our anniversary dinner and Harry insisted on taking me down to the waterfront after our meal," Rachel explains, "He asked someone to take a picture of us with the city lights behind us and when I turned around, he was on one knee proposing to me!"

Rachel and Harry couldn't wait to get started on planning their wedding. They discussed what they wanted in a venue and one thing was clear for both of them: outdoors and surrounded by nature. While venue hunting, Rachel and Harry drove to Ascension Wine Estate in Matakana. "As soon as we turned the corner and saw the estate with all its vines, the lovely alfresco dining area and the belfry we both looked at each other and knew we had found the right spot."

Rachel and Harry said that their theme just grew from there. "We kept the decorations simple, to let the rustic charm of the estate be the focus," recounts Rachel. They added a couple of touches like drapery and fairy lights but made sure the detail was in the flowers. Warm wine colours and soft purple tones really complemented their vineyard setting, and the pair chose roses as they are the classic flower of romance.

Morning yoga with the girls in her PJs and preparing coffee for all his groomsmen, both the Bride and Groom had their methods to combat the day-of nerves. Rach remembers feeling excited but calm, as she had done all of her planning beforehand and now it was just time to enjoy the day. Rachel and Harry decided that they would see each other for the first time when Rachel arrived at the ceremony. Harry said, "I think that was a very exciting way to see each other on our wedding day and from the second she arrived, I couldn’t wait for Rachel to get down the aisle and stand by my side."

The newlyweds embraced both keeping and breaking tradition. "Because we planned everything ourselves, we planned it just how we wanted. We saw things we liked and said ‘Yes! Let’s do that!’ So I think the day was very us.” When asked about what advice they would give to couples planning their wedding the newlyweds said, “Try not to get overwhelmed with what everyone else thinks you need or should do. This is a day of celebrating your love for each other so make sure you don’t let other things get in the way.”

As they describe their reception, Rachel and Harry paint a scene full of laughter and fun with speeches from family and every member of the wedding party, a buffet meal and plenty of dancing. Both Rachel and Harry agreed that their day was about love and happiness and they wanted to share this feeling with all of their guests.

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