What's My Wedding Style?

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Wedding Style


August 21, 2020

There are a million ways to make your special day uniquely yours. The look and feel of your wedding is created by your venue and the wedding style you choose. There are 10 main styles that your wedding could fall into and blending two or even three styles to create your own can be so much fun. If you are not decorating your ceremony location to keep with tradition, for example at a church, mosque or synagogue, think about styling your reception venue to suit you.

Let's take a look at the 10 wedding styles so you can get started on creating your dream day.


Woman wearing blush wedding dress and flower crown near riverl

What is it?

A bohemian feel is one where romance meets nature. Often set outdoors, a bohemian wedding features elements of nature like flower crowns, candles, crystals and gemstones, or can even take inspiration from the stars. Outfits can be light and flowy like a lace dress or casual suit. Bohemian wedding attire usually stays simple to let nature be the focus.

Who it Suits?

Laidback couples will love this vibe. Barefoot brides can embrace this style at the beach or anywhere nature takes you. If you enjoy decorating and want more detail you could choose to dress this style up with pieces like marble place settings or hand made cards. Those that are looking to keep planning to a minimum can leave this style stripped back by letting greenery and foliage be your decor.


Bridal party standing at octagonal altar indoors

What is it?

The modern, contemporary style is ever-changing. Add in decor that matches current trends like geometric shapes, monochromatic colours or even go for a minimalistic look at your ceremony. Capes back in fashion? Then you'll probably see them at a modern wedding.

Who it Suits?

If you live and breathe fashion and know what's hot and what's not, you are definitely suited to the modern wedding style. Your venue is key for the modern couple. City venues can set off this style as you can incorporate the buildings aesthetic to your decor.


Dining hall set up for white wedding ceremony

What is it?

Beds of roses, soft pastel colours, and dreamy music floating across the water. If you can picture it in a fairy tale, you can find it in a romantic style wedding. A romantic wedding could be held in a lush garden outside or hosted in a luxurious venue with chandeliers and grand staircases. Whether you go big or small for your romantic style wedding, the main decoration is love.

Who it Suits?

Romantic style weddings are for people who like to keep things light and delicate with dreamy aesthetics or for those who want the grand fairy tale wedding. Are you adding fairy lights and a flower wall? The romantic style could be for you.

Pop Culture

Batman and wife wedding toppers

What is it?

Weddings today are being more and more personalised. From a TV show reference per table, all the way to an entirely Star Wars themed wedding (with a stormtrooper groom and all) the pop culture wedding style can be so much fun.

Who it suits?

Remember, your wedding day is all about you and a pop culture wedding style is for those who want to immerse friends and family in their world for a day. Read Harry Potter on the daily? Add butterbeer to your drinks list or theme each table per book.


Wedding tables with colourful flower arrangement near ocean

What is it?

A destination wedding is anywhere in the world! Whether you decide to take a short trip to one of the islands or a whirlwind adventure to Europe, a destination wedding is a dreamy way to declare your love across oceans!

Who it Suits?

To get married in another country you need to be an organised couple (or at least one of you has to be organised!). If you are both into adventure and want a wedding away from everyday life, then a destination wedding is for you. Just be sure to check the laws about marrying in a country that you are not a resident of as some countries don't allow it or make it difficult.


Bride and groom standing in a courtyard near a pool

What is it?

Think traditional weddings with all the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, or a cocktail party at a flash venue. Sophisticated and luxurious, black-tie weddings are a chance to splash out on your venue and see everyone dressed in their finest.

Who it suits?

Anyone who wants to make sure their wedding is one of the fanciest events they will go to. A black-tie wedding will provide a classic look on the day and leave you with timeless wedding photos. or to feel like a prince or princess in an amazing location.


Barn set up for a wedding ceremony

What is it?

A picturesque hill overlooking the rolling countryside, a cozy barn for the reception, or a friends backyard with a beautiful garden setting. Whatever you decide on, the rustic wedding style is full of charm and character. Add DIY touches like hand-painted, wooden signage, or buckets with flowers lining the aisle.

Who it suits?

Those who have time and creative flair to add those personal touches. If you are after something more low-key, then this is a perfect choice. Keep it small as an afternoon soiree with only close friends and family. You could even ask everyone to bring-a-plate for the reception in the barn. A great way to lower your catering costs and stay in keeping with the warm feel.


Table set up in the woods under fairy lights

What is it?

DIY weddings are amazingly versatile. You can easily tie in different styles depending on where you choose to hold your wedding. Do you have a friend with an amazing lifestyle block? Or, maybe you want to get married in the park where you had your first kiss. Pitch a marquee, set up a few tables and you're good to go. You will just need to check with the local council to see if you need a permit to have your wedding there.

Who it Suits?

Anyone with a bit of creativity and can-do attitude could pull off a DIY wedding. Enlisting the help of friends and family will make for a fun time setting up. By doing a wedding DIY style you are in complete control and give your guests a personal touch throughout the day.


Bride and room standing near black vintage car

What is it?

Rolling up in a pink Cadillac and slicking your hair back as your favourite 50's love song starts playing. A vintage wedding style is definitely a statement and guests will have a blast dressing to the theme. You can opt for '20s glitz & glamour or even the pin curls & petticoats of the '50s when picking your vintage theme.

Who it suits?

You wardrobe may already be full of vintage pieces or you just love a certain aesthetic from the past. Vintage styles suit the couple with a bit of flair. From your car when you arrive, to the song you have your first dance to a vintage themed wedding will be one to remember.


Woman wearing wedding dress standing on VW Beetle near canyon

What is it?

From rainbows to rugby, there are millions of ideas for a themed wedding. Choose decor, invitations and even a colour scheme to create your wedding theme. You could even choose a venue to match your theme, for example, holding your animal-themed wedding at the zoo.

Who it suits?

Themed weddings are great for people who want to step away from a traditional wedding theme and do something completely different. If you chose to get married on Halloween why not theme your wedding around it. Maybe you both love sea life and want to show this with an underwater theme. You could even go for an alternative world like steampunk and ask your guests to dress accordingly.