Ultimate Guide To Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day

August 2021
Health & Beauty

If you haven't started thinking about your skin routine for the big day, don't worry! From a couple of extra things to add into your daily routine, all the way through to a brand new beauty regime, we have you covered.

Start Now

The earlier you start on your skin routine, the more time you have to banish blemishes and let your skin glow! You don't want to start anything new on your skin at least one month out from the big day. Some products can cause you to break out the first time you use them, or even cause redness. No one wants red, puffy skin on their wedding day, so try new things early and see if they suit your skin type.

Drink, Refill, Repeat

You have probably heard this time and time again but drinking enough water is actually one of the best things you can do for flawless skin. If you're super busy and forget to sip on water throughout the day, there are lots of apps out there that can remind you to hydrate. Need extra motivation? Why not buy yourself a cute new bottle to take around with you.

Man pouring water

Switch Out The Wine

We know wine is not ideal for your skin... so switch it out for an alternative. Green tea has amazing health benefits and is great for weight loss. Otherwise, opt for a raw juice at lunch or blend up a smoothie for a sweet treat.

Peppermint tea in a glass cup

Skin Care Routine

If you already have a skincare routine that works for you and you want to try something new, consider booking a visit to a dermatologist. Or pamper yourself with a facial to make your skin even more stunning. If you don't have a skincare routine, start simple. Try a simple cleanser that is gentle on your skin and make sure you only exfoliate once a week. After cleansing, add some moisture back into your skin with a moisturiser. You need to remember this step, otherwise, your skin can compensate and produce more oil, which could lead to more blemishes.

Brush on saucer of powder and liquid in a dropper


For healthy hair, skin and nails, you need to give your body the right nutrients. If you don't get enough of these nutrients in your food, you might want to think about vitamins and supplements. Vitamin A and Omega oils are known for helping skin, hair and nails to shine so have a look into adding some vitamins to your routine. If you are dieting, it will be even more important to look into, because you might not be getting the right amount from your foods.

Colourful sliced fruits on tray

Moisturise & Protect

Keeping your skin hydrated with a moisturiser is a great addition to your wedding day prep. If you are out in the sun a lot, choose a moisturiser with an SPF. If not, make sure you put sunscreen on 15 minutes before you head out into the sun and keep reapplying, especially if you are swimming or working up a sweat. Another option for your moisturiser is to get one with a gradual tanner. This lets you build up a glow while keeping your skin supple and smooth.

Applying body lotion to hands

Natural Beauty or Fake Tan?

Another decision to make is whether you want a fake tan or if you want your natural beauty to shine through. For some, having that summer glow boosts confidence and makes you feel like a million bucks. If you are wearing white or light colours, you run the risk of fake tan rubbing off onto your clothes. Not ideal for photos... If you are going to go down the spray tan route, have a trial run a couple of months beforehand so you can see what it's like and if you are happy with it. Wear a light colour and see if it rubs off or if you are good to go. The trial also helps you to get an idea of how many days before your wedding you need to book an appointment for your perfect tan.

Person lying on sand with large sunhat

Lips & Lashes

We haven't forgotten about keeping those lips and lashes luscious! Pick a lip balm that hydrates and apply it daily. There are some delicious sugar scrubs for your lips designed to exfoliate away dead skin, leaving a nice smooth finish to apply your lipstick to. Follow this routine and your lips will have everyone envious.

White granules on persons lips

Wishing for fuller lashes on your wedding day? If you weren't one of the lucky few to be born with naturally thick lashes, there are serums available. These serums can help your eyelashes grow thicker and stronger so you can bat those lashes at the camera, falsies or not. If you want to take it to the next level, talk to your makeup artist so they can draw attention to your eyes.

Woman holding white flowers

Show Off Your Rings

All eyes will be on your shiny new rings throughout the day, so make sure your hands and nails are taken care of. Cuticle and nail oils can keep your nails looking their best for when you show off your rings. If you decide to get your nails done professionaly, we recommend a trial run first. Always remember, keep those hands moisturised!

Man putting gold ring on woman's finger

Breathe In, Breathe Out

It's a big job to plan your wedding, trust us, we know! So remember to take some time for yourself so you can destress. Stress can weaken hair and nails and make skin dull. To calm your mind and ease your tension, build time into your busy schedule to do the things you love. Take a yoga class, walk on the beach, go for a run, go for a swim, take a class at the gym or even just watch a movie. Have some "me time".

Woman swimming in clear blue water

You can choose to go all out to have glowing skin on your wedding day, or just stick to these basics: hydrate, cleanse and protect from the sun. Skincare is personal to you. Research products or talk to a skincare professional if you are unsure of what to use.