Tips For Setting A Wedding Budget

August 2021

So you’ve been getting some ideas for your dream day and now you are starting to ask the big question. And no I don’t mean “will you marry me?”. I mean “how much is it going to cost?”.

Coming up with a budget can be confusing or even daunting. How much does the wedding of your dreams truly cost? Should I be spending $5,000 or $50,000? The answer isn’t simple. But we can help you work out where to save a few dollars and where to spend up large.

If you haven’t already decided on the style of wedding you like, then stop reading, and look at "What's My Wedding Style". There is no point in trying to work out your budget if you don’t even know what you like!

If you are still reading, you either are a rebel and kept reading anyway or you have some sort of idea of what you want for your wedding. So let’s get to it!

Venue Costs

Usually, the venue is the first thing to book because it locks in your wedding date. But before you pick your venue, make sure you research the different packages each venue offers. Often wedding venues will have different prices for the different seasons. They can even vary prices based on the days of the week! You can get married on any day of the week - don’t feel pressured to pick a Saturday just because your great aunt can only travel on the weekend. This is you and your other half’s day so if you both want to get married on a Monday go for it!

The other thing to think about with the venue is getting there. And back! If you want to get the fancy car ride in, then keeping your venue close to where you and your dream team are getting ready will save you dollars if they charge by the hour. If it takes you an hour to get from your place to the venue, another hour for them to wait until after the ceremony, then another hour to drive you to the next location all of that time adds up. So pick your locations wisely.

Bride and groom standing on terrace looking at trees


We all need pictures on our wedding day. Unless you and your husband/bride to be both have photographic memories, you need a photographer. These will become the moments of your wedding captured forever. Choosing a photographer is an important decision and there are a few things you can do to save money here. Most photographers will have packages for you to choose from or at least have different rates for the length of time they stay. You can also ask if they have one or two photographers, and if you are set on two photographers, then ask if you can have one photographer leave early to lower the price. For example, one photographer is there from 10 am until 10 pm but the other one is there from 10 am until 12 pm. I mean you probably don’t need two cameras on you at dinner…


You can also decide to add a videographer to your day. This can be a beautiful way to revisit your wedding day. As long as you actually will go back and watch it. If you are the sort of family that barely have time to sit down to eat dinner together, are you really spending your money wisely if you get a videographer? But, if you are the sort of family that loves to sit together to reminisce then absolutely go for it! Just make sure you research the packages, and length of time you have them booked for. Plus, your photographer may do a deal with a videographer so its always worth asking.

Bride holding bouquet kissing groom at wedding ceremony


Bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes, floral table runners, floating flowers, flower crowns, flower walls, cake decorations, rose petals, the list goes on. Remember when we asked if you had an idea of what style of wedding you want? This is why! If you want a natural beach wedding, are you also going to want a flower wall and a flower garland hanging from the ceiling? Maybe not. Think about the vibe of your wedding and let the flowers fit your theme. Are you going for bright Tropicana wedding theme? Then maybe think about palms and bright colours to give that tropical feel.

It can be easy to get excited with all the floral extras you can add but don’t do it if it doesn’t fit your style. I mean, unless a floating flower bed at your barn wedding is your theme.

Colourful bunch of flowers attached to wooden arch

Dresses and Suits

Brand new, second hand, or hire? These are the three main options for deciding on your wedding attire. If you are buying brand new, that’s cool! As long as you know why. Personally, I wanted to buy a new dress so I could hand it down for my son/daughter to use. Whether they had it altered or completely remodelled into something else, I loved the idea of them having a part of my dress on their wedding day. Just make sure you are buying new for the right reason, and not because its what you think you are “supposed to do”.

Second hand is a brilliant option. It is a lot cheaper but it also means you can go and try it on in a store and buy it! No waiting for it to be made, you can own it straight away!

Hiring a suit or a dress is another option for your wedding attire. Have a look at the different prices and make sure you have a plan for pick up on the day or the day before. This can be a low cost, low hassle option for you and your partner.

Another option people don’t think of is a dress or suit you already own. You don’t have to follow the tradition of a white dress or even a dress at all! There are some gorgeous ideas out there if you dare to be different.

The biggest thing to remember is to be true to you. If you are not comfortable in a suit, you don’t have to wear one. If you are more rockabilly than fairytale princess, then see what you can do to rock it up! Be you and own it! This is YOUR wedding day so do it YOUR way!

Man wearing suit looking at watch