Start Planning Your Dream Wedding

August 2021

You're engaged! Now let's start planning your dream day. Planning a wedding is a pretty big task. When you start, you may have a million ideas or none at all. The first thing to do is to stop and think... What is it that you and your partner want for your big day? This may seem like an obvious question but it’s easy to get swept up in the thousands of ideas you see on Pinterest. Remember this day reflects the two of you and your love.

Not a fan of sand at the beach? Then don’t go for a beach wedding! Do you want your dog to walk down the aisle with you? Then maybe outdoors is what you need. Do you love rustic barns and dreamy vineyards? Do you want to get married in a religious venue like a mosque or a church?

Try to picture yourself in different settings and see what makes you happy.

Venue First

The first thing you’ll need to book is the venue. There are so many options for weddings these days that you will be spoilt for choice! Plus, if one location just isn't enough to celebrate your love, you could have a ceremony in one venue and the reception at another.

Seasons Are Everything

Do you want a hot summers day, or does the idea of sweating in a suit make you nervous just thinking about it? Are you happy if it rains on your wedding day because you plan to be indoors (plus its good luck anyway)?

Choosing the season you say “I do” not only makes a difference to the temperature but can also change the price of your venue. Some venues offer cheaper prices in the cooler months. Once you know your style of venue, have a think about what season you are keen to get married in. Still uncertain? Have a look at What's My Wedding Style?

Now you are ready to get serious about choosing the date!

Wedding sign on stone wall

Lock It In

You found your venue and are ready to lock it in, but what day do you choose? Your friends and family will all have ideas on what day is best but remember, this is YOUR day!

If your budget means you need to have your wedding in the middle of the week, then go for it! If you want a Saturday morning soiree or a starlit dinner on a Sunday, the choice is yours. Remember the day is for you and your partner to share your love, so pick what makes you both happy.

Once you've settled on a wedding date that is available at your venue, you will then be able to schedule everything else! Don't forget to add it to your planner.

Pick Three Things

Some of the best advice we have heard when planning weddings is to choose the three most important things to you and put your money into those.

For example, if you want to sit and watch your wedding day on every anniversary (or every day - let's be honest!) then hire a videographer. If you dream about the perfect wedding cake, make sure you get that icing just right.

Once you've picked your three things, don't blow the budget on everything else. Let's say you're going to sell your dress after the big day, why not buy second-hand so you can spend more on that cake and videographer.

What are the three main things you can’t do without?

White four tier wedding cake on a dessert table


Once you start planning your dream day, you will need to keep track of what you've done and what is up next.

Using your Wedding Checklist is the easiest way to make sure you don't miss a thing. If you haven't already, sign up to get your personal checklist here.