Meet The New Honeymoon: Minimoons!

August 2021

The dream ending to your nuptials may be riding off into the sunset on horseback... or jumping on a plane to some hot, sunny, romantic destination. However, planning a wedding and a big getaway honeymoon at the same time can feel overwhelming... how about delaying your honeymoon by a few months or even a year.

Having a honeymoon later lets you save up again after the big expense of the wedding. But what if we still want that romantic honeymoon vibe right after getting married! Let me introduce you to the minimoon!

What Is A Minimoon?

If you haven't guessed it by the name, it's a miniature honeymoon.

The last thing you want to do after getting married is to go back to work (urgh). So book a mini getaway away from home, maybe even near your wedding venue.

One romantic idea is a cabin in the bush with no distractions. As newlyweds, you will have the chance to get lost in your love all over again. Maybe you are more of an adventurous couple. Book some fun, thrill-seeking activities like white water rafting in Rotorua, a bungy in Queenstown, or even skydive from a plane (yikes!). What a way to start your married life!

Maybe all you want is some time with you and your kids. Or just staying home snuggled up on the couch with the cat. The possibilities are endless but take this time to shut away from the world, turn off your phone and don't worry about the notifications on Facebook saying congrats on the wedding. Save those for when you're out of the minimoon bubble of your minimoon.

Budget For It

When planning your wedding, don't leave your minimoon out of the budget. Think about the night of the wedding and where you want to stay. Do you want a hotel for the night before you head off to your minimoon spot or are you keen to go straight there? You'll also need to think about getting there. Will you have a car that drives you off after the wedding or are you getting a lift from family or friends? Make sure to add this into your budget.

Packing For Your Getaway

You are probably thinking "well duh, of course I need to pack!" but there's a little more to think about post-wedding. Are you going to need to give your wedding outfits to someone before you head off, or will you be able to take them to your getaway?

Think about who can take your wedding outfits and make sure you clue them in early. This means that you aren't running around trying to get your clothes sorted on the day. Will someone take your getaway bags to the venue so you can get changed before you leave, or maybe you're staying at your hotel the night before the wedding and can take your stuff with you.

It's these little details that you can sort now so you don't stress on the night. No one wants to remember the end of their wedding day as a big fight over who forgot to bring the bags!

Where Are The Newlyweds?

Something you might not think about is letting people know where you will be. If you are going off-grid for a few days, let your family know. Make sure you have given someone the address of where you are staying, a contact number, and when you intend to be back. If you are flying anywhere, let them know your flight numbers and dates/times. If there is an emergency and your family needs to contact you, they will at least have an idea of where you are and how to get in touch.

Back To The Real World

Once the minimoon is over, it's back to the real world. But don't despair! Now you get to plan your honeymoon!