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How To Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle

August 2021
Health & Beauty

There are thousands of pictures of wedding hairstyles online and you may be feeling overwhelmed with what to choose. Updos, french twists, half up half down styles, loose waves, the possibilities are endless! If you can't decide what to do with your luscious locks, we can help.

Be Yourself

Your wedding day is about you. Look back through your photos and find your favourites. How was your hair then? Look at the colour. Did you have any curl in your hair? Was it up or down? Knowing what already suits you can help you to make a shortlist of styles.

Woman with curly dark hair smiling

Face Shape

Learn about your face shape and research what styles suit yours. Do you have a heart shape or more oval? Should you have a side fringe or blunt bangs? Do your research before doing any drastic changes and talk to your hairstylist first.

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Match Your Wedding Style

To bring your wedding day together, tie your hair into your overall wedding style. Having a rustic wedding? Why not try soft curls loosely pinned back? Or even a braid to one side. Are you having an elegant wedding or maybe you're wearing a chic pantsuit? Pair it up with a sleek ponytail. If you're going to be a beach bride maybe you want to add beachy waves to your look. Look through some Real Weddings that match your wedding style and you might just find the perfect do.

Woman in wedding dress and hat smiling at altar

Get Inspiration

Make an inspiration board using social media and start saving your favourite pictures from hairdressers you follow on insta or looking through our Real Weddings. This is a great way to hone in on what wedding hairstyles you love. Once you've saved a bunch of photos, go back to your inspiration board and note down the key features you love from each picture. What made you save that photo? Was it the copper balayage? Or was it the soft curls? Keep saving pixie cuts with lots of texture? Look over your list of key things you liked and you'll start to notice a theme.

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Hair Accessories

Adding an accessory can be a beautiful way of putting a personal touch into your hairstyle. If you know you want a flower crown, think about how your hair will compliment it. Do you want a full crown or a half-crown? Half up hairdos with flowing curls look gorgeous with a half-crown of roses, whereas a full crown may mean you need your hair down.

Choosing a flowing veil pinned into the back of your hair? Add a side braid that sweeps back into where the veil is pinned for a flawless look.

Wanting some sparkle in your wedding photos? Look for a glittering hairpiece that can be added to the back or side of any hairstyle.

Woman in wedding dress wearing large hair accessory standing in ferns


Your hair colour can be an accessory too. Do you usually play with vibrant colours or are you more into natural tones? Think about your hair colour and how it can complement the flowers and accessories you have already chosen.

Want mermaid hair? Make sure you think about the tones of your bouquet so it doesn't clash. Whatever colour you choose, make sure you book your colour appointment with enough time to not let it fade or grow out too soon!

Blue haired woman wearing white wedding dress lying in grass

Make a Plan

If you don't already have one, find a hairdresser you can trust. Telling them your wedding hair plan is going to be super important. They will be honest about your goals and can help keep your hair healthy while working towards your length, colour and overall style.

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