Create Your Wedding Day Timeline

September 2021

Your wedding day is going to be busy. Super busy! If you've already started planning your wedding, you'll know what I'm talking about. There are many moving parts to a wedding. You've got to think about timings, transport, music, food, guests (just to name a few). But at the end of the day, you will remember the moments that last forever.

Piecing together all of these moments is what makes your wedding day. From getting ready and heading to your ceremony, to saying your vows and celebrating with friends. As you get closer to your big day, take the time to outline the moments that are important to you on your Day Of Timeline.

Grooms Kissing at the Altar After Saying Their Vows

Before we begin, stop, breathe in, take a look around, breathe out. This is a great thing to do on your wedding day too. It centres you and allows you to be in the moment.

Day Of Timeline

What is your Day Of Timeline? From opening your eyes at sunrise on your big day to climbing in the car (or motorbike) and waving goodbye to your guests as they cheer you on. It is the complete layout of your day. Use your Day Of Timeline to add the moments you don't want to miss.


One thing we can't recommend enough is handing jobs out to others. It is all too easy to get so wrapped up in the details as you plan a wedding that you leave all the responsibilities to yourself. The first people you can call on is your bridal party.

A very traditional example of this is that the best man holds the rings. Why stop there? Assign another groomsman the task of ensuring the ceremony chairs are laid out properly. Now you're delegating! While you're at it, why not leave two of the bridesmaids in charge of watching over the cocktail hour so you two newlyweds can go and get completely lost in your love during your photoshoot.

Bride Standing on Balcony Looking Over Wedding Guests Below

Feeling lighter already? You don't need to stop there. Family members love, and I mean LOVE getting involved in weddings. Your aunt will be over the moon if you asked her to check the table settings before the ceremony. It may be hard to let go but trust us, you will be glad you did on the day. In your Day Of Timeline, note down who is helping out on each task so you don't lose track of anything!

Stop, breathe in, take a look around, breathe out.


The next big piece of the wedding puzzle is your vendors. They are going to pop in and out during your day so it pays to know where they are going to be and when. If you're getting your hair and makeup done you want to make sure you and your party have all woken up and showered before they arrive. When's your cake being delivered to the reception venue? What about your transport. Do you know how long it takes to drive from your accommodation to the ceremony venue? There are a lot of little things to think about, but with the help of your Day Of Timeline and your vendors, the day will go smoothly.

VW Kombi Dressed with Ribbons Driving Through Gates Carrying Bridal Party

Your vendors have most likely done this before, so take their advice and work with them to create each moment. Keep track of where they will be and when by adding their details into your Day Of Timeline. Make sure they know the addresses they need to be at and who to call on the day (because you probably won't be looking at your phone!).

This is another great time to involve family. Take a minute to look over your timeline and check if there is any point where a vendor will need to be let into a venue. If so, this is something you want to leave to someone else on the day. If you have a key to the ceremony venue, for example, leave it with a family member that is happy to pop over and let the florist in to decorate the aisle.

Stop, breathe in, take a look around, breathe out.


Another way to ensure the day runs smoothly is to note down your locations. Make sure everyone involved knows where everyone is expected to be. You don't want anyone getting lost and dressing tables at the restaurant down the road from your actual reception! Enter the locations for each moment in your Day Of Timeline to keep people in the right place at the right time.

Table Setting With Laser Cut Wooden Name Markers and Wedding Favours
Photo by: Rachel Pridham Photography

Did we mention you will be busy? You don't want to be answering calls or texts from people who don't know where they're meant to be. This is another great chance to pass a job on! Why not let one of your groomsmen be in charge of answering questions. We can't say it enough, write the plan for your wedding day down so that everyone has one source of truth to refer back to.

Share Your Moments

Once you have finished your masterpiece that is the Day Of Timeline, share it so everyone can be involved. You can post it to your bridal party group chat or print it to give to Grandma. However you want to share it, make sure everyone included in your big day has an up-to-date copy. Why? So that you can enjoy that champagne before you jump in the car, knowing that your wedding team has got your day covered.

Your wedding day is going to be busy. Super busy! That doesn't mean you have to be busy. Weddings are about uniting two people, their families and their friends, so do that. Get your nearest and dearest involved and take some of the weight off your shoulders. Remember that people love weddings and would be so stoked if you asked them to be involved in yours. Enjoy your day and remember it is all about you and your other half so you can do whatever you want.

Stop, breathe in, take a look around, breathe out.