Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

August 2021
Wedding Party

Once you’ve got your squad together for your wedding day, it's time to get excited about your biggest accessory. A wedding bouquet is a great way to add personal touches through flowers, greenery or even puppies.

This can be a super fun activity for your wedding party to do together. Take a look at some of the traditional and not-so-traditional ideas in our list to start deciding on your team's bouquets.

Round Bouquet

Round bouquets add an elegant touch to your teams look. If you want something glamorous, elegant and sophisticated, these are the bouquets for you.

Pastel flowers in a round bouquet held by woman in wedding dress


A bouquet fit for a princess! We just love this dramatic look. Go big for your bouquet and have a smaller version for your bridesmaids.

Blue and white flowers in a cascade bouquet held by woman in wedding dress


Posies are a classic smaller bouquet, featuring a rounded shape and tied off with a ribbon. A perfect balance between formal and rustic, the posies are a great choice if you also want to mix different colours and flowers.

Pastel roses in a posy tied with ribbon held by woman in wedding dress


For a rustic wedding, these are a match made in heaven. Tie them off with a piece of string or some brown paper and voila! You have a beautiful bouquet.

Flowers in a large bouquet held by woman in wedding dress


Who could say no to a puppy bouquet! We adore these little bundles of happiness. If you do opt for the pup bouquet, make sure you have someone on standby for water and bathroom duties. Keeping your bridal party happy and your pups happy is a must

Woman in wedding dress kissing small dog


For something a little different, go for the pomander! A perfectly round bouquet with a handy loop for holding over your wrist. These elegant bouquets feature one or two main colours.

Round pomander bouquet sitting next to high heels


If you are having a winter wedding, an alternative to classic flowers is pinecones. Add a few touches of smaller flowers, dried grasses or even some branches to create a winter wonderland bouquet.

Small bouquet with white roses and pinecones lying on a table


If you like the simplicity of a posy and want something with greenery, why not try a nosegay. This tight bunch is an elegant option with only one flower as the main focus. Add a couple of pieces of greenery and keep everything at a uniform length to make your nosegays stand out from your typical bouquet.

White and purple flowers in a bouquet tied with satin

Single Stem

Nothing says romance like holding a single flower. Choose a bold, statement flower or a subtle stem with a pastel colour to keep with your romantic wedding style. Make your bridal bouquet stand out by giving your bridesmaids smaller versions of yours, or choosing a different colour. Why not choose a different flower for each member of your wedding party?

Bright pink single stem flower

Presentation Bouquet

Finally, the presentation bouquet for the bride who wants a showstopper. As the name suggests, this bouquet resembles the flowers presented to performers on stage. This unique and unexpected bouquet features long stems with flowers arranged in a way that they can be cradled. Choose simple flowers, loads of greenery or exquisite details to match your overall look.

Large bouquet held by woman in wedding dress kissing man in grey suit