22 Wedding Hairstyles For Every Bride

August 2021
Health & Beauty

The options are endless when it comes to wedding day hair styles. Up or down? Braided or loose? Curled or Straight? We have put together a list of 15 hairstyles we know you'll love. Take hints of each or recreate one of the hairdos from our list, the choice is yours.

1. Loose Chignon

Woman opening curtains wearing wedding dress

2. Side Plait Into A Messy Bun

Woman touching wedding dress

3. Half Up, Half Down

Woman holding large wedding bouquet

4. Twisted Chignon

Woman holding wedding bouquet behind back

5. Short Natural Curls

Woman and man touching noses smilling

6. Soft, Loose Curls

Woman wearing weddingdress and flower crown carrying large bouquet

7. Cropped Pixie Cut

Woman sitting in tree wearing wedding dress

8. Perfect Bun

Woman and man standing next to car kissing

9. Short, Natural Waves

Woman standing on beach holding flowers

10. Curls Pinned To One Side

Woman smiling holding wedding bouquet on beach

11. Sleek Up Do With Loose Strands

Woman wearing wedding dress pulling curtain open

12. Pinned Dutch Braids

Woman sitting in grass wearing wedding dress

13. Half Dutch Braid Into Loose Curls

Man holding woman's hand

14. Smooth And Straight

Woman wearing white dress touching flowers

15. Loose Side Braid

Woman wearing white wedding dress sitting in grass

16. Big, Voluminous Waves

Woman in robe with wavy hair

17. Sleek Vertical Roll

Black and white photo of woman with sleek hairstyle

18. Natural Curl Updo

Woman standing near water holding bouquet

19. Bouffant With Waves

Woman walking holding wedding bouquet

20. Delicate Up Do

Woman wearing robe with delicate up do

21. Vintage Curls

Woman with large pin curls

22. Beach Waves

Woman with orange flower on her lips